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Crestfallen 128
August 13, 2013 09:41 PM PDT
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Pantheist Pavor Nocturnus 14:06
Evoken Tragedy Eternal 9:52
Worship Endzeit Elegy 8:38
Mournful Congregation Weeping
Mournful Congregation The Epitome of Gods and Men Alike 8:22
Colosseum Aesthetics of the Grotesque 12:20
Despond Serenity in Darkness 10:23
Ahab Antarctica the Polymorphess 11:45
Longing For Dawn A Sunrise At Your Feet 11:01
Skepticism Sign of a Storm 10:10
Loss Open Veins to a Curtain Closed 10:05
Funeral Swan Song of My Heart 7:41

Crestfallen 126
July 30, 2013 09:36 PM PDT

Curse The Son Spider Stole The Weed 5:50
Badr Vogu Gospel of Greed 5:51
Demon Lung Devil's Wind 5:38
Nightslug No Relief 4:54
Forsaken Armidas Kiss 9:04
Forn Dasein 9:23
Weedeater Dirt Merchant 5:12
Bloody Hammers Fear No Evil 4:01
Lo Pan Savage Henry 7:05
Beelzefuzz Hardluck Melody 4:44
Black Magician The Pursuivant 6:5
Candlemass Crystal Ball 6:24
Ur Aurochs 13:12
Gallow God The Circle 7 :42
Orne Anton 5:57
Majalis Rusting Sun 9:30
Ereb Altor The Chosen Ones 6:30

Crestfallen 118
May 28, 2013 01:41 PM PDT
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Apostle of Solitude Blackest of Times
Galileous Fractal Dimension 8:56
Stone Magnum Lonely God 6:11
A Sickness Unto Death Rain of Shards 6:13
Funeral Circle Corpus of Dark Sorcery 8:57
Ten Foot Wizard Six Feet Rising 8:20

MDF Bands

Pallbearer Foreigner 12:23
Sorrow and Extinction
Evoken Tragedy Eternal 9:52
Embrace The Emptiness
Weedeater God Luck And Good Speed 4:26
The Melvins At A Crawl 2:46

The Obsessed Lunar Womb 6:22
Loss Cut Up Depressed and Alone 9:23
Sleep Dragonaut 5:43
Pagan Altar Night Rider 4:11
Pentagram Burning Saviour 9:08

Jex Thoth Keep Your Weeds 5:49

Crestfallen 117
April 30, 2013 10:20 PM PDT
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Candlemass Devil Seed 5:46
Doomdogs Fight The Greed 8:26
Charger Brickshithouse 14:45
Orchid Leaving It All Behind 6:10
Acid King Carve The S 9:27
Saint Vitus The Lost Feeling
Age of Taurus Unto The Hour of The Dead 6:07
Age of Taurus Embrace The Stone 8:04
Apehanger Within The Bowels of Evil 6:57
Dopethrone Reverb Deep 10:04
Church of Misery Blood Sucking Freak 8:3
Desire Frozen Heart Lonely Soul 8:47
Griftegard Punishment And Ordeal 11:39
Elliotts Keep Iter Crusader Part II 7:18

Crestfallen 116
April 23, 2013 10:30 PM PDT
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New Orchid, Abysmal Grief and Procession this week PLUS songs from some of the best DOOM METAL records ever

Orchid Mountains of Steel 6:57 *
Abysmal Grief Hidden In The Graveyard 8:08 *

Trouble The Tempter 6:38
Paramaecium Haemorrhage of Hatred 7:20
Candlemass Solitude 5:37
Electric Wizard Wizard In Black 8:15
Paradise Lost The Painless
Saint Vitus Born Too late 6:56
Theregothon Yet The Watchers Guard 8:59
My Dying Bride The Songless Bird 7:00
Candlemass Mirror Mirror 6:15
Cathedral Picture of Beauty 11:15

Solitude Aeturnus Dream of Immortality 7:52
Anathema Sleep In Sanity 6:52
Pentagram All Your Sins 4:38
Paradise Lost Lost Paradise

Procession Death And Judgment 8:18 *

* New

Crestfallen 115
April 16, 2013 09:43 PM PDT
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Procession Far From Light 10:59 *
Orchid Eastern Woman 4:22
Stone Magnum Lonely God 6:11 *
Elliotts Keep Beloved 7:29
Ire Ombra 7:14
Memory Garden Country Girl 4:05 *
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Mt Abraxas 7:09 *
Mar De Grises Kilometros de Nada
My Dying Bride Sear Me 9:05
Eyehategod Jack Ass In The Will of God 2:46
Ghost Ghuleh/Zombie Queen 7:29 *
Hexvessel Woman of Salem 5:14 *
Windhand Shepherd's Crook *
Cough Ritual Abuse 12:59
Kadavar Dust 4:10 *
Wino Release Me

* New

Crestfallen 111
March 16, 2013 10:02 PM PDT
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Saint Vitus Dependence 7:39
Magic Circle White Light 8:40


Serpent Warning Beyond The Wisdom 6:09
Wandering Midget Taynia 10:51
Cardinal's Folly Uncharted Seas 10:
The Grand Black I Saw It Coming 6:12
Lord Vicar Between The Blue Temple & The North Tower 9:32
Caskets Open I don't Mind 8:07
Minotauri Hammer of Doom 5:53
Reverend Bizarre Slave of Satan 13:28

Faith Hollow Hollo2 7:23
Below 1000 Broken Bones 5:09
16 Aging Disgracefully **
Procession The Road to the Gravegarden 9:15
Saint Vitus Children of Doom 6:09

**Bonus Unannounced track

Crestfallen 107 Italian Doom Special! Plus NEW Egypt & The Gates of Slumber
February 13, 2013 08:05 PM PST
itunes pic

With the Exception of the first 2 songs and the last one, ALL ITALIAN DOOM this week!

Egypt Matterhorn 4:34
Aleph Null Belladonna Wreath 5:52


Black Oath Funeral Wedding 5:02
Naga The Path 9:36 Naples
Doomraiser Another Black Day Under The Dead Sun 10:06
Abysmal Grief Cadaver Devotion 9:39
Sesta Marconi Gruesome Woe 7:09
Consummatum Est Vertebra 11:15
Doomsword In The Battlefield
Paul Chain Roses of Winter 4:58
Thunderstorm Glory And Sadness 6:12
Doomenicus Remember November
Kryhum My Life 4:54
Hands of Orlac Castle of Blood 8:14
Black Hole Blind Men and Occult Forces 7:57

The Gates of Slumber Of That Which Can Never Be

Crestfallen 106
January 25, 2013 09:50 PM PST
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Doomenicus Cold Embrace
Corsair Chaemera +
Candlemass Samarthan
Sons of Otis Guilt +
Doomshine The Cross Still Stands For Pain
Mothership Angel of Death +
Saturnus Litany of Rain +
Saturnus I Long
Serpent Venom Four Walls of Solitude
Condenados Bautizado con Sangre
Acid Bath Paegan Love Song
Acid Bath Bleed Me An Ocean
Apostle of Solitude December Drives Me To Tears
Solitude Aeternus Opaque Divinity
Faces of Bayon Brimstoned
16 Grip of Delusion **

+New song
**Bonus Unannounced Song

Crestfallen 105
January 25, 2013 09:12 PM PST
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The Gates of Slumber The Wretch 8:18
Reverend Bizarre The Hour of Death 11:49
Trouble Wickedness of Man 5:46
Wheel Mills of God 6:48
Place of Skulls Cornerstone 5:48
Las Cruces Cocaine Wizard Woman 4:52
Coven Wicked Woman 2:58
The Devil's Blood Angel's Prayer 4:
Blood Ceremony Coven Tree 4:48
Jex Thoth The Banishment 6:17
Devil Welcome The Devil 4:40
Saint VItus Plague of Man 8:01
Lord Vicar Child Witness 9:21
Count Raven True Revelation 8:56
Terra Firma Groundman 3:52
Penance Born To Suffer 8:10
Dream Death Back From The Dead 5:53
Penance The Unseen

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