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Crestfallen 205
March 06, 2015 08:33 PM PST
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Doomraiser In Winter
Burning Saviours You Love Hurts Like Fire
Elder Compendium
Toke Into The Light
Fortress Fight The Son
Diazepam Sinking
Age of Taurus Embrace The Stone
Crypt Sermon Out of The Garden
Anguish Snowhammer
Concept of God Unspoken
Elliotts Keep Darkest Corner
Misty Grey Dusk TIll Dawn
Primitive Man Loathe
Mage Old Bones
Blackwitch Pudding Bong Hits and Lust

Episode 201
December 01, 2014 06:43 AM PST
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Primeval Realm Black Flames and Shadows
Pallbearer Watcher In The Dark
Stone Witch Wintery Falls
Witch Mountain Your Corrupt Ways (Sour the Hymn)
The Sabbathian Ritual Rites
Black Moth Stinkhorn
Brimstone Coven Lord & Master
The Order of Israfel The Noctuus
Church of Misery Master of Brutality
Doomdogs Fight The Greed
Blue Pills Black Smoke
Alunah Awakening the Forest
Horn of the Rhino Deliverance Prayer
Orange Goblin Into The Arms of Morpheus
John Garcia Confusion
Saint Vitus Plague of Man

Crestfallen 158
May 20, 2014 09:10 PM PDT
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Part 2 of the Days of the Doomed IV Preview!!
Oxcross Fiery Field
Black Oath Black Initiation
Slug Lord Cremation
Castle Labyrinth of Death
Reino Ermitano Quimera

DOTD Day 2 Saturday June 21 doors 1130
first band at 12

Flying Medusa Serpentor
Moon Curse Seminary Woods
Sanctus Bellum The Shining Path
Brimstone Coven Children of the Sun
Stone Magnum Uncontained
Egypt Elk River Fire
Devil To Pay Black Black Heart
Beelzefuzz Lonely Creatures
Jex Thoth The Banishment
Age Of Taurus Unto the Hour of the Dead
Trouble One Life

Orchid Mountains of Madness

Crestfallen 157
May 06, 2014 07:32 PM PDT
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Eyehategod The Age of Bootcamp
Lethain Dreams Red Silence Lodge
Vestal Claret The Stranger
Samael Macabre Operetta
Agalloch Dark Matter Gods
Doom VS A Quietly Forming Collapse
Trouble Bastards Will Pay

Days of the Doomed
Milwaukee Wisconsin
June 20-21

Ancient Dreams To Walk The Earth
Stasis Hope of Merlyns Return The Tavernier Blue
Wasted Theory Hexes
Witchden Time To Burn
The Mighty Nimbus Everything I See
Apostle Of Solitude Transgressions
Orodruin Pierced By Cruel Winds
Blackfinger For One More Day
Las Cruces Doomed

Saint Vitus Plague of Man
Saint Vitus I Bleed Black

Cresfallen 154
April 09, 2014 05:03 PM PDT
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The Gates of Slumber The Wretch
Dopelord Addicted To Black Magick
Monolord Empress Rising
Buzzard The Fellowship
Ordog I Ceased To Exist
Aleph Null Nocturnal I&2
Nux Vomica Reeling
Gates of Slumber Beneath The Eyes of Mars
Triptykon Boleskine House
Blood Farmers Headless Eyes
Pilgrim Master's Chamber
Gates of Slumber ToKill and Be King

Crestfallen 146
January 23, 2014 11:07 PM PST
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Primeval Realm Heavy is this Mind
Kuolemanlaakso Verihaaski

Days of the Doomed IV
June 20-21 The Metal Grill South Milwaukee

AGE OF TAURUS Sinking City
THE MIGHTY NIMBUS Drinking On A Pile of Skulls
ORODRUIN Pierced By Cruel Winds
LAS CRUCES Roll of the Die
WASTED THEORY Hellfire Ritual
EGYPT Matterhorn
STONE MAGNUM Uncontained
SANCTUS BELLUM God's Own Warrior
EGYPT Queen of All Time (Red Giant)

Saint Vitus Patra

Also at the fest

BLACKFINGER (featuring former TROUBLE vocalist Eric Wagner)

Crestfallen 145
January 07, 2014 09:25 PM PST
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Winter Wonderland Special

Serpent Venom Sorrow's Bastard Seal of Beleth Doomed To Insanity
Paradise Lost Frozen Illusion
L'impero delle ombre Snowblind
Remembrance Winter Tides
Ice Cross Jesus Freaks
Dawn of Winter The Music of Despair
Woods of Ypres Lightning and Snow
The Gates of Slumber Ice Worm's Lair
Mortalicum When Hell Freezes Over
My Dying Bride The Snow in my Hands
Desire Chapter IX Frozen Heart
Mirror of Deception Bleak
Serpent Throne White Summer BLack Winter
Wheel Frozen Sun
Backwoods Payback Mr Snowflake
Winter Goden
Bedemon Frozen Fear
Saint Vitus Ice Monkey

Crestfallen 144
December 31, 2013 10:15 PM PST
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Avatarium Avatarium
Wall of Sleep Army of The Dead
Iron Man Half Face Thy Brother's Keeper (dunwich

part 2)
Pillcrusher It's Time the Day Went Numb
Windhand Orchard
Wheel Oblivion There is No Alternative
Hagstone Nowhere Child
Age of Taurus Sinking City
Internal Void Standing on the Sun
Warning Watching From A Distance
Forgotten Gods First Light
Victor Griffin's In Graved Love Song for the Dying
Spirit Descent The Tragedy of Capt Scott
Magic Circle White Light
Saint Vitus Patra

Crestfallen 143
December 18, 2013 08:19 PM PST
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Elliott's Keep Faenor's Bane
Spacegoat Cosmica
Duskburn Wretched Hags
Brimstone Coven Son of the Morning
Venomin James I Am Infidel
Griftegard I Refuse These Ashes
Grave Disgrace The Cult 9:52
The Moon Mistress Simla
Wicked Inquisition Brainstorm
Gniyrg Gnaarg Holothurian
Blackwitch Pudding Acid Castles Mountain Top
Altar of Oblivion Narrow Gates of Emptiness
My Shameful Road to Ruin
Graveyard The Siren
Cirith Ungol Black Machine
Saint Vitus Children of Doom

Crestfallen 142
December 13, 2013 08:00 PM PST
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Zodiac Sominum
Marche Funebre These Fevered Days
Mortacallicum Ballad of a Sorrowful Man
The Morningside The Trees
Sorcerer Far Beyond
Amarok V Red Oak Wisdom
Pilgrim Astaroth
Freedom Hawk Nomad
While Heven Wept Soulsadness
Wishdoom Cimmerian Plains Son Of Crom
Sideburn Diamonds
My Dying Bride Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium
Elliott's Keep Gates Beyond

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